We are looking for team members, not employees.

In today's constantly evolving business landscape, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on building teams rather than just hiring employees. 

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News Anchor

Job Description: A News Anchor is the face of a news broadcast, responsible for delivering news stories to viewers in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. They work closely with...

Experience: 1 Years
Deadline: 01 Jan, 1970
Location: Work from Office
Job Type: Full Time

Video Editor & Graphic Designer

Job Description: A Video Editor & Graphic Designer is responsible for creating visually appealing and engaging video content with graphics, animations, and other visual elements. They work closely with producers...

Experience: 2 Years
Deadline: Closed
Location: Hybrid, Work from Office
Job Type: Full Time

512, Eros Corporate Park, Sector 2, IMT Manesar, Gurugram, 122052

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